Ruská Voľa nad Popradom

Ruská Voľa nad Popradom 26/09/2016

After Bardejovs inner city I visited some spa again. Bath day. The way the hitchhiker left the day before had make me wonder. Child of naked nature I was in Eastern Germany I just stripped down, which is recommendable in a spa I guess, but was critically observed by other people. These prude people, ey. I had to get a bedsheet and get wrapped inside. After this new sauna experience had passed I drove further West direction High Tatra. Close to the border to Poland I climbed up a hill with the car and stayed there the night. When all lights are out some animals come out of their hideouts, sometimes close to the car. In Roztoky I looked in the eyes of a fawn when I woke up and short after that a fox visited. I can’t distinguish very well between the sound of a bear and a giant deer but this evening for sure there were some of them.


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