Roztoky 25/09/2016

On my way to svidnik I took a hitchhiker. Second so far. Quite many people try to hitchhike here, in the Ukraine even more. The funny little overcrowded buses seem not to be very punctual so people try to go with the thump. This time my passenger was a lady about mid 40s to 50s. It was the first time my front row passenger seat was empty because I had tidied up the car at the last parking place what means I had thrown everything in the back or out of the car. She looked like she couldn’t do any harm to anybody so I didn’t think about it twice and stopped. English wasn’t an option but a bit German and so she told me that she was a teacher for philosophy and now is a teacher for „Gesellschaftskunde“, social studies. The first hiker in Ukraine wasn’t talking at all, just using my car instead of the public transport, so I tried having some further talk with her. At the end she helped me finding the place I was looking for, the darkest place in Slovakia. Which was bullshit of course, I mixed something up Igor had told me and so I didn’t go back to Snina where the absolut darkness would have been but to another observatorium where it was, let’s say, quite dark. After my hitchhiker had left in Svidnik quite hastily, to much conversation I guess, I drove slowly through the city, hmm, nice but not much to look at, and continued north into the dark countryside. The observatorium was a little one and due to Sunday it was closed. Didn’t matter, cooked some dinner and waited for the stars to come. They came.


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