Red Hill Clique

7. Oktober 2016

Red Hill Clique 24/09/2016

Yesterday I have done quite a lot except taking a single picture so one day is missing. The guy of the day before yesterday at the counter is named Igor and he is sitting on the picture in the chair, grinning into the camera. The one on the right side showing his back is called Kamil and is the owner of the shop where the counter was. So he owns, of course, the counter as well as my former 6 Euro something for the tube. The lady in the middle and her boy have names too but I have to ask again someone who knows better.

My ass is aching of yesterdays bicycle ride (just a bit) which we did instead of hiking and my throat feels rough ‚cause we went to a lake for a swim after. On the other hand my belly was filled with a delicious meal and I slept on a couch quite well. After some sightseeing in Kosice and some shopping (long underwear because temperatures fell down to 4°C last nights) I’m sitting with the gang at the Red Hill Spectacle watching suicidal children and teeny boppers (thanks to for all the new words I’m learning) driving down the hill. I’m very thankfull meeting people as social as they are and especially meeting Igor who became a friend in these view days. But there is one thing that overshadows all the good facts about him. He is listening to the bands Europe and the Scorpions. The Scorpions!!!

In my mind’s eye I can see Klaus Meine adjust his beret hat and burst with joy.


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